Dakoda Walters In: Coming To America

The Angourie grom lights up like July 4th.

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Remember Dakoda Walters from the SW Grom Bash? The same Dakoda Walters who stitched up a certain SW Art Director one cold Winter’s morn?

Well Koda’s been lighting up the peaks of So-Cal, and just dropped an edit faster than you can say “suffer in ya jocks, Corbin!” 

Here’s what happened

Koda sees Corbs in the carpark, and interrupts his usual Tinder swipes with a challenge, “What are ya doing? Get out there! It’s pumping!”

“Righto, if you land an air-reverse on your next wave, I’m out there… in me undies,” Corbs snorts.

Moments later Kodes spins through the air and with a cushiony foof! Sticks a flawless full-rotor. The line-up goes mad. Corbin shakes his head forlornly, and strips down to his beloved $200 CK undergarments, then grabs a board and walks to the water’s edge. As he paddles out his duds drench to an alarming shade of see-through and the rapture of the grom bashers goes hysterical.

Just like that, the worst surf of the trip became the most memorable and in doing so proves a great truth that we only seem to live and breathe and believe during those glory years when nothing else in life really matters; that surfing… fully is the sickest, ay.


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