“Feel My Fashion, Be Intimidated”

– Danny Johnson x Globe x Misfit

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How good is Danny Johnson? He’s so good that Misfit and Globe inexplicably fitted him out with an entire new wardrobe (complete with epic leather kicks) for all his travel adventures. “People who watch Weak Wrap might think I have perfect hair and wear a suit every day, but the truth is I’m a bad boy when it comes to fashion. I want garments that mix style and attitude with a whiff of nonchalance. When I talk on the Dooley I want Mike Jennings to feel me through the international chat link. I want him to feel my fashion and be intimidated by it. Globe and Misfit make that a reality.” Says Chris Chong of Misfit; “Why pay surfers to wear your gear when you can have the hardest boogie boarder in Coffs Harbour repping your apparel? It’s a no brainer for us.” Get some Misfit and Globe into your Christmas stocking ASAP. 

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