Freestone, Moniz, R-Call, Ewing & the Murdering of Right Points

Africa has many J-Bay clones that must be destroyed

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Certain zones just aren’t ambiturners. Many parts of Indo can only go left, pretty similar in Chile, you won’t find a single right hander there. The North Coast of NSW, and southern region of QLD link up to be a crappy place to live for goofy footers who dislike their backhand (aka me). Having never been to Africa, and without doing a second of research, I’m going to have to say that Africa can only go right. Actually damn it, I just remembered that Skeleton Bay is a left. A really freaken long left that annoyingly destroys the on the spot theory I just developed. If you haven’t fallen down a rabbit hole of Zoolander moments on Youtube then treat yourself to a little Jack Freestone, Seth Moniz, Ryan Callinan, & Ethan Ewing throwing devilishly crispy combos on many fun rights.

Danny Johnson