Torren Martyn took a couple of  Simon Jones: Morning of the earth surfboards to Mexico and Central America and did what he’s become very well know for the last couple of years.  He very subtly and stylishly ripped the absolute scheisse out of the place. He snapped his only two boards, a 7’2 and a 6’10, and then had them expertly stitched back together by the locals and kept going. We teased the trailer the last week and here’s the full length so our yourself a cup of tea and starting planning a longer addition to the quiver.

Surfer: Torren Martyn
Film Maker: Perry Gershkow
Surf Boards: Simon Jones: Morning of the earth
Produced by: needessentials

Gibson Kente – Saduva
Thrupence – How to be invisible
Midlife – How long does it take
Sandy’s Band – I and I

Danny Johnson