Listeners of the of the Ain’t That Swell podcast will be well aware of former number one in the world, 80/90s surf tour icon Rob Bain, and they’ll also be well aware of his incredible Tsunami survival story whilst staying at G-Land in 1994. It’s a story that will never stop blowing surfer’s minds. This year marked the 25 year anniversary so Rob took his son Billy back to pay his respects and reminisce on the life altering experience.


From O’Neill:

In the early hours of June 3rd 1994, a 7.2 richter scale earthquake occurred deep underwater in the Java Trench. Some 40 minutes later, a powerful tsunami charged its way at approx 300 kilometres an hour towards the Indonesian coast. It hit with extreme force, in the dead of night, while no one was expecting it. At this moment, Rob Bain and fellow surfers at G-Land were fast asleep and Rob’s son Billy, a two yr old toddler at the time, was peacefully tucked up in bed on the northern beaches of Sydney.What unfolded at G-Land, became a sheer fight for survival and one that has left an impact on all those that were there. This year marked the 25th year anniversary of the Grajagan tsunami and a few surfing survivors came back to attend a special ceremony held at Bobbys camp.This is a brief capture of a father and sons trip, who came to pay their respects to those who passed and to ride the rolling left barrels of G-Land together.

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