Holy Guacamole!

Food comes in fads. The 70s was all fondue and crème Broulee, the 80s tri-cloured pastas, Special K and Tab cola, the ’90s delivered Focaccia bread, sun dried tomatoes and gourmet pizza kitchens, the noughties an explosion of organics. It would be near impossible to go past designer Mexican as the dominant fad of our times (activated almond milk and kale smoothies perhaps its only competition). Australians sure do love us some gringo grits and none do it better than the Mexicano boys on the high end restaurant end of the scale and Azteca Taqueria on the shovel-your-face food stall market side of things. Avocados may be ruining the economy but holy shiz they taste good smashed into a bowl of guacamole by these absolute legends. Scope them at Narrabeen, Mona Vale or a market stall near you.

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