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James Gallagher – aka, Jimmy from the Punts – is our favourite pub hooligan guy. His band – Dumb Punts – is our favourite pub hooligan band. His haircut – mullet/bowl – is our favourite pub hooligan haircut. Jimmy reckons he knows 10 young bands that are playing the underground pub scene who you must see tonight. So, go see them already.


Miniskirt are from Byron, but Cam is from Port Macquarie. He used to smoke heaps of bongs and drive around in Skyline’s and shit being a real “badarse” at Flynn’s Beach and Eastport. Now Cam plays guitar in Miniskirt with some real nice guys playing real nice songs. Fuck yeah Cam, you always were a badarse. Cop ‘em live, whatever their first song’s called – it’s big.

PARSNIP (Geelong again)

On a nicer note, these Geelong/Melbourne gals are a fairly new band but I remember copping them on a hot and hungover-as-fuck Sunday, hoping my second pint would work as much as the first one didn’t. And before that pint could do anything, Parsnip had already done it. Psychedelic, epic, 60’s harmonies. They’re awesome, whack ‘em on a Sunday and dream your world away.

THE SAINTS (Brisbane)

Which reminds me, if you don’t know The Saints – STOP. Go and find a mirror, roll up this magazine real nice-like and stare deep into your eyes and pause for a while. Then, with everything you’ve got, raise this here magazine to a nice height and whack it round ya big, dumb fuckin melon. They ain’t the hottest new band around, they’re only the best band ever.

PIST IDIOTS (Pist Idiots live in an old brothel with Carl)

Their bedroom’s have door numbers on them and it’s in a weird industrial complex near a neat Sydney pub where I had a really nice 2-4-1 dinner with Carl and the boys. Their band is the best. You just wanna rent them out for the night. Pist Idiots are what Ron Jeremy would be if he grew up on The Saints, smashing mango’s and guitar strings. And they’ve given that little old brothel some of the best years of her life.

WASH (Byron Bay)

These guys you may know – it’s Creed McTaggart, Ellis Ericson and Beau Foster’s band. They’re surfer dudes. They surf errrrrrrrrrrrr. But what you little localism-loving, tall-poppy shearing water-carvers don’t know is that Wash are the real deal. The singer in Grotto asked them to release their EP through his label, Pissfart Records and he hates the beach. Seriously, hates it. Look, you can reo-wristy them all you want but WASH fucking rule.

GROTTO (Melbourne)

This is more for the new as-yet un-named band they’re starting, don’t know what it’s called but go check out Grotto before they realease something new. I do remember Karli telling me a few prospective band names, I’ve forgotten what they were now, but they’re hilarious and the new band has a humongous Norwegian frontman so you know it’s gonna be fucking awesome.

WHIPPER (Melbourne)

These guys have been one of my favourite bands since the first time I saw them. Think Bits of Shit, Tyrannamen and Cuntz, cause they’re all in or were in those bands. Shit, I don’t even know who’s in some of these bands anymore. It doesn’t matter, listen to Whipper it’ll wipe that shitty, whiney, rubbbish out of your earholes for good. Well, one can only hope.

SEX DRIVE (Gold Coast)

These guys played at Bangas Pub the other week and it was the best gig ever. Please release a record already Sex Drive. You’re just real good. Real. Good.

SEWER SIDE (Geelong)

Sewer Side is real nice and chill music, but it’s not, how do I say this… it’s not shit. It’s by a guy called Jules and he writes it all himself, he’s a total genius, a real funny pisshead and one time he covered the song Lowrider by War and made a trippy film clip of him just doing weird shit. The other day it went viral cause someone made it a meme and now Jules is (internet) famous. I like him less now. But his band I love.


Geelong has something fishy going on. Resting away among the pip-loving minor IQ’s are some of the greatest punk minds to come out of the country. Seriously, it’s weird that there’re so many good bands coming from so few people. Take Cereal Killer. Its brutal, its tough and it features brothers Billy and Zane. That’s right, Billy Zane. Ha, I just reckon that’s hilarious. Cereal Killer rule.

Jimmy Punt