Jordy Smith’s Australian Highlights Are Required Viewing

Watch the South African mountain man drop boulders!

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To think that Jordy Smith, is currently seeded 20th in the world on the Men’s WCT really makes your wig spin, doesn’t it? Especially when two of the stops on the Aussie leg – Bells and Margies – are the ideal venues (other than J-Bay) for this mountain man to lob rocks (and displace large volumes of water). But alas, it wasn’t to be this year. After a 13th at Snapper, the grand spectacle of Mick’s retirement at Bells, and the cancellation of Margies, Jordy might have left the country somewhat disillusioned. Or did he? Here’s five minutes to shift perspective, and a significant amount of ocean from the mighty South African, in Terra Australis no less.

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