Kelly Slater didn’t win the Vissla Pro on the weekend, but he did stay down at the event til the last day to unofficially claim the Guiness World World Record for the amount of high fives slapped during a WQS waiting period. Guess who did win the men’s side of the draw though? A local boy! Huge congratulations to Jordy Lawler who took down out the men’s division. Jordy’s Instagram read “Best day of my life !!!!”. Equally huge congratulations goes to the winner of the female division Alessa Quizon, who capped the experience with a more relaxed “Well that was fun!!!” on her Instagram. Real reporting from the front lines of Instagram here at Surfing World people.

The Manly Kombi Rally presented by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also take place on Saturday. As usual there was a classic turn out of some very old and hyper stylish machines. You could look, but you could certainly not touch and even more certainly you could not drive. You could peer in at the mattresses in the back, but you most certainly were not welcome to enter for a snooze. It was an equally torturous experience for both the Kombi enthusiasts and any competition spectators that happened to be a little tired. Please enjoy the gallery below and don’t miss next year.

All images by Grant Morris

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