Illustration by Nanda Ormond

Laurie Towner Is A Man Who Knows His Way Around A Tackle Box


SW: You’re a big yellow fin on the wrong end of a line being reeled to the surface by Baddy Treloar. What’s going through your mind?
LT: Haha! “Oh man, I’m screwed!”

Which number is better 12 or 37? Why?
12? Either one. Shit, that’s a weird question. I’m going for 12, just because.

You’re given a wildcard entry into any ASP event, which do you choose and who do you beat in the final?
Too easy. The event would be Teahupoo, and I would flog the daylights out of Kelly Slater in the final. Blam!

You’re at a party having a jolly ol’ time when Scarlett Johansson comes up and asks if you’d like to dance. What signature moves do you bust out?
I wouldn’t even make the dance floor because my girlfriend would punch me in the face for even talking to her.

You astral travel 100 years into the future and come across your own tombstone. What’s the epitah?
“Born to Fish.”

What would your life in Angourie be like if you couldn’t bend at the knees?
I would have the longest, weirdest looking legs. It would be heavy. At least stiff legging around the town on a couple of rigid stilts wouldn’t be the weirdest thing in Angourie, not by a long shot.

Laurie’s built a reputation for being a hot contender in the line-up when purple swell blobs unload their brains on reefs across the world, as you will find across the pages of our upcoming magazine. Stay tuned!

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