Letty Mortensen Is The King of Great Britain!

The Wimbledon of Surfing Won By Surfing’s Biggest Grin

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Letty Mortensen is a young QS up and comer from Avalon, NSW, and for the purposes of transparency we should let you know that Letty was an on again off again work experience editorial grom to the Surfing World Magazine editorial team for some time, but we ensure that detail will in no way serve as a conflict of interest in the reporting of his latest endeavour.

So did you hear? Letty Mortensen, who is handsome, and kind, and funny, and just the bestest guy ever, like completely ever, he bloody well won the Boardmasters Quiksilver Open in Newquay, England today, which might be definitely is the greatest feat in not just the history of surfing, but also in the history of the British Empire.

The QS1,000 win is the second event win back to back for Letty after he took his first ever QS win at the Murasaki Shohan Open in Japan last month. The current British monarch and head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, who ascended the throne on the death of her father, King George VI, on 6 February 1952, has yet to make a statement on Letty’s historic victory, but we expect her to make one soon and won’t be surprised if she announces that Letty will immediately be knighted.

Mike Jennings