Occ-Cast: Occy Vs Curren… On Rollerskates!

Surfing’s Greatest Natural / Goofy Rivalry Hits The Audio Pavement

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Tom Curren, Mark Occhilupo and rollerskates… need we say more? The Occ-Cast – pretty much the only surf podcast in the entire world that’s actually worth listening to (except for Ain’t That Swell, The Dooley and that other one where people fight about coffee tables or something) – has dropped a clanger of an ep featuring the once great rivals chatting away on all matter of topics including stuff, more stuff and even more stuff after that. We haven’t had time to have a listen yet because want to post it before all the other surf sites but we can almost guarantee it will be as classic as the ’86 quarter final at Bells Beach which lives on today as the greatest forehand vs backhand exchange ever seen in pro surfing. Don’t believe? Watch it here in glorious soft-mo with the Hoodoo Gurus singing What’s My Scene? In the Background.

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