When Occy Met Iggy

A new episode of the Occ-Cast with the Godfather of punk

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One is the 1999 Men’s World Champion, the other is the originator of proto-punk. Do they have anything in common? As it turns out, yes they do. Tune in for a new episode of the Occ-Cast as these two icons find common ground on all manner of things. We don’t have time to list them all here, but at a glimpse let’s investigate: Occy loves the Ramones, so does Iggy. Occy says the Sex Pistols are one of his favourites, Iggy has recorded over ten songs with said band’s guitarist, Steve Jones. Occy is an avid David Bowie listener, Iggy spent his years with David fishing sausages out of the Berlin melting pot. Yes indeed, the pair had much to talk about, from music history lessons, to their mutual love of Billabong boardshorts and being surrounded by that big blue salty something we call the ocean. Along the way Iggy sheds light on his first time riding a surfboard and the gourmet diet of his pet cockatoo Biggie on which he insists, “Biggie has a better life than me.” Click ahead if you have 37 minutes up your sleeve, because this ain’t a bad way to spend it.

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