A new single and video from the Goons of Doom’s upcoming album

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In the strange and beautiful universe of Ozzie Wrong, it’s not unusual to find emo moth girls with four arms and four tits who carry chainsaws that will cut you to bits. It’s also not uncommon to come across a depressed Dutch master painter who laments slicing his ear off because now he can’t listen to Morrissey in his bedroom for hours on end while complaining that the world doesn’t understand or appreciate him.

Now you too can experience such a dimension courtesy of Vincent Van Goth and Goth Moth, a Double A side from Ozzie’s band the Goons of Doom’s 7th Upcoming LP Black Skull Bong.

According to Ozzie, both songs (now christened Vinny Van Goth Moth for short), carry similar themes of misunderstood genius, extreme violence and alcohol addiction, and intense loser-ism. “It’s the best of every world,” says Wrong, “But ultimately these are songs about the weirdest people also being the most wonderfulest because you can almost guarantee that if most people hate something, they’ll end up celebrating it somewhere down the track. People suck like that.”

Wrong says the inspiration for Vincent Van Goth came while under the influence of hallucinogens in Amsterdam. “I took a heap of mushies and got lost after leaving the Vinnie Van Gogh Museum and somehow ended up in the Red Light district, where all the ladies in the neon lit windows looked like Goth Moths trapped inside giant bug zappers. When I woke up I was asleep in a small car buried under six feet of snow in the French Alps. Was kind of a weird night I suppose.”

Danny Johnson