More Photos Of Taj Burrow Than You Can Poke A Stick At


After 20 years working together, best mates and eternal good time animals Taj Burrow and John Respondek have finally released a book detailing some of their more wholesome exploits. It’s called Taj. By Respondek and it features all the explosive magnificence we’ve long come to expect from the world’s most psyched surfer. You should get one for Christmas, or at the very least get one for someone who loves surfing, A+ photography and having the time of their lives.

“Taj has always been my favourite surfer to shoot. Since the beginning, I have been electrified by the speed and energy he puts into his surfing, and there’s always a tonne of fun in attempting to capture his energy within a single moment in time. We started shooting together way back in the year 2000, or was it 2001? It’s hard to say to be honest! In any case, we’ve been hanging out and working together for a bloody long time…  He has been one of my best mates over the past 15 or so years, but more than that, these days I consider Taj like family.

“While I’ve always been a huge supporter during Taj’s competitive career, our photographic work has revolved solely around his freesurfing and other adventures we have had along the way. Over the years, we have travelled all over the place together, shooting away at every chance. We’ve had some insanely good times sharing a large part of our 20s and 30s living the good life. However, it was during my many visits to Taj’s home in Western Australia that we’ve found the most enjoyment and success in our ongoing efforts for published work.

“It’s been loads of fun digging into my extensive photo archives of Taj. Going through all our old film images and hard drives while putting this piece together has been a huge, and yet very rewarding project, for sure! A real trip down memory lane, you might say. Now, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite photo moments, accompanied by some hand written captions from Taj himself. Hope you dig!” – John ‘Sponolactic Tang’ Respondek

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