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“Second to none air game,” commented Kelly Slater on an Instagram post featuring Chippa Wilson. No more. No less. Just that one sentence. And who’s gonna argue with the 11 x World Champ?

Fly first class, get down to business. (Respondek)

Chippa Wilson may play down the accolades but it’s clear from these captures in our upcoming issue, that the future of aerial surfing is not all about going higher and more corked as we once believed. The key word is control. We’ll let Chippa take it from here…

Less cork, more pop. (Respondek)

 “It’s less about the trick itself and more about the way the trick is being done.” – Chippa Wilson.

Also good in the oil, that Chip. (Respondek)

Control, style, technical nous? Perhaps it’s just taste. Like music, surfing could be seen as an abstract art, that Chippa, surfing in his own way, on his own terms for the past decade has cultivated a beautiful performance all his own. Whatever’s going on, Chippa’s pretty nonplussed, in a stoked-out way about it all: “It’s a strange world man, so why not ride a piece of foam all over it?”

Right on.

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