POOL WARS: What the Texas Moniz Backflip means for the Slater’s Surf Ranch CT

It’s a new episode of Ain’t That Swell Featuring WSL commentator Ronnie Blakey

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Swellians rejoice! It’s another marathon ep of ATS and this time Smivvy and Vaughano are joined in the ATS studio by WSL commentator and Old Spice model Ronnie Blakey to discuss all the things mentioned in the headline above as well as whose surfing sucked in the wave pool, would Carissa Moore turn chairs if she was a contestant on The Voice, and what happened when Vaughano ran home after school one day busting for a poop only to find Ronnie already occupying the throne? Dooley host Danny Johnson also makes an appearance on behalf of leafy garden vegetables everywhere. But it’s the world exclusive debut of Smivvy’s new Wave pool song that wins the day. Get it into ya ears!


After Seth Moniz’s crazy Texas flip, secret footage emerged of Kelly practising backflips at the Ranch.

Vaughan Blakey