3 Issue Special – 416, 417, 418


Issues 414, 415 and 416 all for one low price!


Surfing World Issue 417

For SW417 we talk the state of the nation. We’ve got longform interviews with Peter Garrett, Otis Carey, Nikki Van Dijk and Scottie Marsh. We’ve got definitive pieces on the Northern Rivers floods from Andy Summons, Jed Smith and Pete Bowes.

Surfing World Issue 416

The latest issue of Surfing World sees a new dawn break. Anchoring the issue is an illuminating interview with original SW contributor, Albe Falzon who’s just re-released his Morning of the Earth opus 50 years on. You can look at things that are right and wrong in the world, but a shift in consciousness is what's needed. And that's the beautiful thing about Surfing World, because when I go through the magazine now, it's reminding people there's more to your life than just the glamour of having the latest and greatest. It's almost like we're leaving the personality behind and we're looking at the deeper level and the magazine reflects that.” Along with our Albe chat, we explore mornings with Tom Carroll, creative funk with Jaleesa Vincent, Worimi Country with Uncle Graeme Russell and Kerby Brown’s frontier big-wave psychology. On the cover, Ben Thouard explores a life (sub) aquatic in Tahiti.  

Surfing World Issue 418

After two long, locked down winters, Australian surfers are finally free to rediscover the Indonesian archipelago. SW418 follows them to the islands, and also features the deepest profile piece every published by an Australian surf magazine… Shane Herring by Derek Hynd.
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Issues 416, 417 and 418 all for one low price!


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