Surfing World Issue 413


SW413 checks out the new film Girls Can’t Surf, which tells the story of the women who scrapped for recognition and equality on the pro tour during the ‘80s and ‘90s. It felt serendipitous then that a day before we went to print, the photo of Justine Dupont inside a 50-foot pit at Peahi landed in our inbox. It was the easiest cover decision we’ve ever made, and from concept to execution took just five minutes. We’ve got a whole bunch of other core surf talk inside, longform chats with Jack Robinson, Liam O’Brien and underground lord Brett Herring. John McGroder turns back the clock 25 years in the Mentawai Islands, Tom Curren disappears in Mexico and we look at the Black Summer fires a year on. And with 156 pages of core surf culture there’s a shit-ton more in there.

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