The Dooley: “Rio sucks! But does it?”

“Yes,” say the quizmasters.

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It’s another episode of The Dooley pals! They come out every week, normally a day or two late, but then there it is, just sitting there in your podcast feed. Should you press play and do some listening? “What have you got to lose?” you say out loud, instantly feeling a bit like a mental for talking to yourself. Let me tell you this, time is the only resource in your life that has any actual value. You’ll be on your death bed before know it, and there’s nothing in this 41.29 minutes that’ll be of any use to you. Ever. It’s a waste of your time that could be spent with friends family or doing other meaningful stuff. Now you have a decision to make. Do you listen? Or do you take advice from a podcast blurb and do something more meaningful? You’d have to be a complete loser to start taking advice from podcast blurbs though don’t you reckon?


 About: From the brains of two idiots at this here magazine, every Wednesday morning the news from the world of surfing is smashed into a pop quiz for serial contestant, Danny Johnson (the creative director of Surfing World and host of Internet show, Weak Wrap) by quizmaster Mike Jennings (that’s me, a senior writer of Surfing World!). You can play along as Dannny does his best not to lose against himself each week in this lighthearted, insightful, and funny round up of everything in surf culture that week. Out of all the surf podcasts getting around at the moment, this is definitely one of them.

Mike Jennings