Shaun Tomson Has Much To Say About Positive Change and Universal Connections

“You’re rushing along an invisible band of energy!”

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There’s more to Shaun Tomson than meets the eye. Beyond the man who spearheaded pro surfing for South Africa, the Pipe drainers, or smooth Jeffrey’s highline, is a human being at one with his surrounds. But life wasn’t always this peachy. In 2006, Shaun’s teenage son Mathew died playing “the choking game” while at boarding school, and this tragedy changed the course of Shaun’s life entirely. After losing his son, he wrote a book called The Code: the power of ‘I Will’, which aims at preventing similar accidents from happening through positive change and has since found success as a motivational speaker. However, Shaun maintains life could have taken a very different turn were it not for the fundamental lesson of ‘always looking ahead’ he learnt while competing on tour. What you’re about to view is a surfing video about Judaism and cosmic forces… and while it all sounds a little unorthodox, the story has plenty of heart and classic lines. And even if you gag at the whole ‘green cathedral’ thing, it’s kinda cool to see the 1977 World Champion find his.

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