Pic: Beyond the Noise

Spooky, mysterious and bloody cold: Beyond the Noise premieres

A couple of these images won’t leave your brain quickly.

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Beyond the Noise by Andrew Kaineder has just premiered in the UK and picked up a “Best Cinematography” gong at the London Surf Film festival.

Spooky, mystical and utterly calming – it’s like a massage for your brain at the end of a busy week. Featuring Noah Lane and Harrison Roach, the film follows their quest for silence and the ensuing calm.

That image of the board dangling on a tree… wow.

“The film took almost a year start to finish, non stop,” explains Andrew. “It was the only project I worked on in 2018. It started with me fracturing my leg two weeks after getting the green light, and ended with Noah tearing his MCL and PCL. I’m sure it was cursed, but we got there in the end.”

Check out the trailer below and catch the film in Australia on iTunes in December, with a Sydney premiere on November 22. Find out when by following the film on FB.

Plus, some incredible stills from the film, all courtesy @kaineder:

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