Comp surfing goes mondo lux in the Maldives!

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Remember that movie about people jumping in hot tubs that sent them back to the 80’s? Me neither, could never be bothered with it truth be told. But speaking of all things lavender and loofahs it might interest you to know that on August 7-13 a bunch of your favourite surfers will be doffing their personally embroidered silk robes and slinking into that great big Indian Ocean jacuzzi known as The Four Seasons Maldives Champions Trophy! For the seventh year straight, the resort island of Kuda Huraa will play host to a handful of surfy legends including CJ Hobgood, Taj Burrow, Rob Machado, Ross Williams and Maya Gabeira as they trade singleys, twinnies, and thrusters, for a splash at the US $25,000 prize pool. And although you won’t be there, you can still soak your eyeballs in all that luxurious splendour thanks to daily reports from your old pal Hughie from Surfing World. Oh, did I mention I was going too? Yep, already packed my leopard skin undies.

Hop in, the water’s great.



Vaughan Blakey