Pic: Slater. WSL/Cestari

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 1 year ago

SEAN DOHERTY: Pipe Day 2 – A Brutal Pantomime

The stretch was bombing, the biggest day they’ve run here for a decade at least. Whatever it was doing, it was compelling. Whatever you were seeing through a screen did no justice.

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Pic: Ted Grambeau

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 2 years ago

The Quiet Messiah

John Florence and a world that won’t stop talking about him.

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Pic: WSL/ Poullenot

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 2 years ago

In the Blood

The last realistic chance of anyone beating Medina was Italo – and he did it.

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Frederico Morais was one of the major upsets of Round 2 with a loss to Mikey February. (WSL/Cestari)

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 2 years ago


Things are getting wild in ye olde West

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Jules Wilson puts the pies in the Kirra oven on his way to World Number 1. (WSL/Cestari)

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 2 years ago


Julian Wilson & Lakey Peterson Win the Quiksilver and Roxy Pros

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Rookie Griff Pinto caused a boilover relegating Two John to a second round heat straight off the bat. Kid's got chops. (WSL/Cestari)

By Surfing World   POSTED: 2 years ago


Sean Doherty on the Quik and Roxy Pros Day 1.

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Cover: Noa Deane of the band Blister – a raging inferno of face melting distortion best described as Flame = Skull. (Tom Carey)

By Surfing World   POSTED: 3 years ago

Get The New Issue Of SW

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Where do you holiday when you grow up in Australia’s most famous holiday town? Anywhere with overhead barrels and no bongos. (Simon Punch)

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 3 years ago


And is free of the herd.

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