All you need to know about The Bight and why deepwater oil drilling is a very bad idea. Monuments in two very different moods – Dan Ross on a clean six foot day. Image: SA Rips

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 6 months ago


The Surfers Of Australia Have Stood Up For The Great Australian Bight

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Pic: Slater. WSL/Cestari

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 10 months ago

SEAN DOHERTY: Pipe Day 2 – A Brutal Pantomime

The stretch was bombing, the biggest day they’ve run here for a decade at least. Whatever it was doing, it was compelling. Whatever you were seeing through a screen did no justice.

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By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 11 months ago

An epic day of surfing

Here was Honolua, pulsing. There was Peahi, confrontingly real. On a rainy Monday morning today, women’s surfing got its day in the sun.

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Pic: Ted Grambeau

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 11 months ago

The Quiet Messiah

John Florence and a world that won’t stop talking about him.

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Pic: WSL/ Poullenot

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 12 months ago

In the Blood

The last realistic chance of anyone beating Medina was Italo – and he did it.

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