Mr. eternal grom himself, Taj Burrow will be there to stir up the red cordial otherwise known as the Billabong Bloodlines series. (Woolacottt)



Can you believe it? Taj Burrow’s Small Fries is 13! The little grom comp that’s acted as a launching pad for some of Aussie surfing’s finest talent (winner’s roll call includes Creedles McTagzy, wee Jack Robbo, Jake “Kirky” Willcox and Soli Wolly Doodle Bailey just to name a few) is now sporting pimples and a big greasy nose.

It had to happen, even kid comps can’t stay babies forever. This year’s conny will run in its usual slot, January 19-21 at Yallingup WA, and according to Papa Taj Burrow himself “Will be the best surf comp of the year, and that’s including the Pipe Masters and the Wave Pool CT.” With four divisions ranging from Under 10s to Under 16s (boys and girls) Small Fries caters to entry level groms looking for their first experience in a coloured rashie right through to the all-day-wettie wearers who’ll be sure to challenge for the world title in a few years (don’t forget Filipe, John John and Gabby Medina were all 17 when they qualified for the CT… Crazy!) The only challenge will be getting TB to the prezzo if the surf’s pumping, eternal grom frother that he is. And speaking of grom froth, the winner of the U16s will score an invite to the SW Grom Bash as well. Yew!


Vaughan Blakey