Ever wondered what that humanoid Bobbing up and down next to you does when it’s not surfing? Chances are they’re just a regular ol’ Sapien doing regular old people stuff, but if the earthling you happen to be surfing next to a handsome, straight-haired man named Max then there’s probably about a 1/10 chance that human-animal is donning a lab coat when he’s back on land and doing some seriously significant science stuff.

Max Weston, the son of parents who ditched the city in the 80s, to live in the sand dunes of the harsh South Australian coastline, is a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer. Currently studying his PHD, Max is quietly working away on developing nanoparticle biosensors for food and health that could have a huge impact on many aspects of our lives and even greater impacts on developing countries where things like food resources have even greater consequences.

Obviously Max is also a shred head or you wouldn’t be watching this video about him. He often ditched the shortboards at a young age and went for length before the modern wave of longboard cool kids popularised it again. Nowadays, Max surf’s during the day, hits the lab at night and has jumped on WSL Longboard Tour this year where he’s managed a couple of 17th and a 5th.

An impressive life so far across all measures, Max is hyper-intelligent and humble you get the sense Max isn’t aware of just how original he is. If you see him bobbing up and down next to you then maybe let him go the next one as a little payback for selfless nights he throws down in the lap for the greater good of humanity.


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