THE O’RIGINALS Part 2 – Lachie Rombouts, Gardener and Surfer

“When you get down to the beach and you just travelled two hours to be there, it doesn’t matter what it’s like, you’re going out.”

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The second instalment of O’Neills wonderful new docu-series – The O’RIGINALS – is an absolute corker of a short film. We meet Lachie Rombouts, who talks about how he dealt with mental health issues by moving closer to the ocean and working on his own garden. Lachie grew up a two hour bus ride from the ocean, but has since developed into an accomplished charger, a by-product of loving any and every opportunity to get into the water. We could go on and on about the beauty of this part, and the delightful way Lachie delivers his story, but we won’t. We’ll stop right here and just implore you to click play and watch it.

Episode 3 of The O’RIGINALS will be out this time next week.

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