Film Premiere: Team Rage Launches Their First Movie At Bangalow Pub

A one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater!

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Remember way back in the day when the Momentum Bros started their own deck grip and accessories company On A Mission (or OAM for short)? Well this is nothing like that. Rage is the mind spew of Toby Cregan, Noa Deane, Ellis Ericson, Creed McTaggart and Boz Foz the great. Says founder and CEO Tobes Cregan. “We started Rage so we could do creative stuff and not have to answer to anyone, so we can have an excuse to make vids and design stuff. It’s not so we can make money. Everyone keeps saying that we aren’t gonna make money. That’s not why we did it…. we did it so we can get together and do fun shit. We couldn’t give a stuff if we never make any cash. We all own the company. No other pricks, it’s just the boys. So sick. No one can tell us anything.” Bless.

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