Watch: ‘Gone Tomorrow’ With Steph Gilmore, Mikey Wright, Mikey Feb And Zeke Lau

Untamed drainers In Wild Australia

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Ignoring sharks, there’s a short list of those who bared their teeth on the Australian leg this year. A significant number of which, came from team Quiksilver. Zeke Lau’s strong-arming of JJF, the staunch-off between Mikey Wright and Jesse Mendes, Kael Walsh’s no filter wildcard debut (complete with Internet diss on the reigning world champ). Some say it’s a throwback to the bad old days, when the top competitors drilled their rivals into the dust. But man is it entertaining! And to cool off, they went freesurfing with chilled counterparts like Mikey Feb, Kanoa, Leo, J-Floz, Connor and more. An insatiable crew, balanced perfectly against the effortless grace of current World number one Steph Gilmore, in the untamed drainers of wild Australia.

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