Watch: Kael Walsh In ‘Benedict’

Eggs. Pope XVI. Arnold. Walsh: This Is One Family Reunion Not To Be Missed

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Kael ‘Cumberbatch’ Walsh, 18, WA, knows a thing or two about cracking stuff. Heck, he’s only just turned 18 but we bet this manchild could pry open a wee-warm tin of Emu Bitter in the North Point carpark with one eyebrow on a blistering 45 degree day so hot the flies bury themselves in the sand, and not spill a single precious drop – that’s how good he is at cracking onto things! Come to think of it, Kael even cracked his knee a day before he landed at the Scary Good house, but he still managed to blast the cushy east coast sections with Krakatoa ferocity! Make no mistake, Kael Walsh is one surfer who actually is all he’s cracked up to be. Now take something likes eggs for example. It’s a dish which requires careful orchestration. You need to have warm, crispy bacon, hot buttered (and toasted) English muffins, and eggs poached perfectly to your desire, all ready to go at the same time. Not to mention the sauce. None of which Kael or filmmaker Myles Carroll had in their kitchen, so they decided to wreak havoc on some West Oz suck-ups instead. Which was probably the smarter decision, and from which we all shall benefit. Watch ‘Benedict’.

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