Watch: Pama Davies in ‘Dabble’

New vision from the hellcat of the east.

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When Bondi’s Pama Davies signed with Rusty at the beginning of the year, he hit the ground running and didn’t look back. Not at the bustling coffee shops, nor the floundering tourists. He didn’t look back, because he was free. Free to chase everything from desert slabs to macking Cloudbreak, leaving no doubt in 2017 that this eastern suburbs kid has what it takes as a knockabout free-wheeler, captured here in all it’s moving picture brilliance by South Coast shooter Dane Singleton. “There was no real plan with the edit,” says Pama, “I just wanted to put together something really fun that’s easy on the eyes and doesn’t look super forced. I really hope that’s what we’ve done with Dabble.” Indeed you have, Mr. Davies.

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