We Celebrate The Remarkable Career Of Mick Fanning


SW 396: The Mick Fanning Special Edition

It’s time. Mick Fanning has announced he is hanging up the jersey that took him to 3 x World Titles, 22 x World Championship Tour event victories and made him a household name far beyond the reaches of coastal communities. The last hurrah will go down at the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach – the site of his maiden WCT win as a wildcard some 17 years ago – and while it may appear Mick has come full circle in his quest for precision, rest assured,
the people’s champ is only just getting started.

To celebrate the career of the man they call White Lightning, Surfing World has put together this special edition, tracing Mick’s entire journey from prodigious whippet
to world (and shark) beating superstar.

Experience the defining competitive moments, alongside remarkable human stories as SW Senior Writer’s Sean Doherty, Nick Carroll and Mike Jennings delve into Fanning’s life and contributions to surfing. Share in the anecdotes and insights, both observational and personal
from his greatest moments in the heat of battle.

The magazine also includes an intimate conversation between Mick and fellow World Champ and best mate Joel Parkinson, as the two process everything from Mick’s decision to retire, to their thoughts on the future of Professional Surfing. Enjoy this one-off tribute to a one-of-a-kind champion. Available now in select online stores.

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Four images from four locations at which Mick Fanning tasted the sweetest victory nectar. A pictorial launch pad upon which to shed your tears, though weep not long Aussie surf fan legends for Mick and SW are only just getting started.


The defining competitive moments of Mick Fanning’s career are alongside incredible human stories. Sean Doherty, Nick Carroll and Mike Jennings share anecdotes and insights, both observational and personal, of an Aussie sporting legend.


Who better to get the inside word on Mick Fanning’s retirement, career highlights and what’s next than his oldest China Plate Joel Snorkella Parkinson? The two caught up for Balters and ribs on Mick’s verandah shortly after Mick called it a day…


For every story of Mick Fanning being an absolute pillar of society there’s an equal but opposite story of Eugene tearing his rep to shreds. It’s what makes Mick such a lovable rogue and people’s champ. Enjoy some tributes and anecdotes from legends, peers and BFFs.


Can’t have a whole mag full of Mick without some sort of Kirra mega swell – even if he wasn’t there to enjoy it! When the famed point lit up totally old school to kiss the Champ goodbye, he was buried in snow on a Japanese mountain. Luckily Dingo, Parko, Chalky and Midget Magic were all there to ride his waves for him.

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