Weak Wrap: Kelly Slater Wants To Kill Me

Plus other surf stuff that happened and some that didn’t

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I like to think that this episode by inspired by my pal Louie. I edited this episode while my pal Louie slept under his desk next to me. I think he stayed up late last night drinking lots of glasses of brown cordial. So I did what any good pal would do and took photos of him asleep and sent it to our friends. When he got back up, he tried to do some more work but he feel asleep again face down on his desk using his new beanie as a pillow. This was even better for photos so I snapped a couple more and send them off to our pals. They must have been busy because they still haven’t written back to either of those texts. It’s a busy world out there pals. I mean obviously you’re not one of the busy ones because you’re still reading this. You’ve got time to burn. I feel like ‘Time To Burn’ could be the title of a really bad song from the 80s. Most probably a power ballad. To be honest I don’t actually know what a ballad is. And I hope I never do. Just googled it and yes, but not exactly what I was thinking.

Danny Johnson