Weak Wrap: Kid Killed For Riding A Bodyboard!

Who said click bait was dead?

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Welcome to Weak Wrap it’s your rap on the week. That’s not what I say. I know you secretly come here for the words not my stupid videos. This is where the real value is in you using your 6 or 7 kilohertz of computer juice to load this page. Last week there were heapssssssssss of spelling mistakes in the words under the video. Didn’t even fix them when I realised. What does that say about me? Truth is I don’t know how to fix them once they’re on the website and then I forgot until right now. How’s this… I’ve been making this Surfing World video called Scary Good every single day for the past couple of months and we released the trailer the other day and I forgot to put it in Weak Wrap. Actually didn’t even think of it until right now. It’s pretty much been my whole life for every waking hour and it didn’t even cross my mind to include it. What does that say about me? Still reading? Thanks pal! I like the words to be about this long, that’s when it’s time to stop. Makes it look like it’s actually a something but it’s also a length that’s just too long to bother reading. I also feel like if it’s all combined in one big mess of a single paragraph then people are less likely to read it. Except you. What does that say about you? Oh no I’ve gone too long. Actually that’s an okay length rightttttttttttttttttt now. 

Danny Johnson