Weak Wrap: Racism! Aussies vs Brazilians

Plus Exclusive unseen footage of Kelly’s wave pool.

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I hate click bait so much. I hate myself even more for being a hypocrite. Actually, I don’t hate click bait, because it doesn’t work on me anymore. It used work on me all the time but I’ve transcended its power like some sort of lesbian seagull. What movie was it where they sung about lesbian seagulls? Was that offensive to Lesbians? Was it offensive to use it how I used it? Doesn’t really matter because I voted YES and that’s give me permission to say whatever I want. That’s how it works isn’t it? I think it was Beavis and Butthead the movie. Not an episode of the show, when they did a feature length film. Not googling it though. No time. The thing about my click bait is I’m trying to make fun of click bait. But then I’m also secretly hoping it works and tricks more people into watching the videos and then my boss thinks I’m a cool guy that totally does stuff. Ultimately it’s just lying though and lying is pretty sucky. But the lying is king of detached enough that I don’t lose sleep at night. Actually I’ve been sleeping pretty bad lately. 

Danny Johnson