Whiplash Sting from the upcoming SW Grom Bash, which happened to fall right when the Sting was on his board test! (Brunton)


Dakoda Walters destroys May on Four Eclectic Staceys

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Isn’t it nice to see an up-and-coming surfer show some initiative and do a bit of good old fashioned exploration in board design with their kinda (how long-time can it be when you’re only 16) long-time shaper just for fun! That’s what the Whiplash Sting (aka Dakoda Walteres) and wise old crafter of foam Lee Stacey did back in May, the two of them brainstorming a wild batch of sleds to life, with the idea being that Kodes would get a newfound understanding of how different design principles translate into overall performance. The eclectic four board quiver contains a 7’0” single, a 6’0” twin, a 5’0” Shitmo and a 4’0” booger board lookin’ thing and quite frankly The Sting goes mad on all of em. Just looky here if ya don’t believe!

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