The famous Larry Blair tube at Manly. Photo: Simon Chipper

By Jock Serong   POSTED: 2 years ago

The Short History Of Manly

Although both are seaside resort towns, Manly can be distinguished from Portsea by the fact that the PMs usually come back from their swims.

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No matter what your vision of the future, what’s important is to acknowledge how good we’ve had it, how good we’ve got it and do everything in our power to protect it so that surfing remains magical for the generations who follow. Campbell McKegg. (Estrada)

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 2 years ago

Say Hello To The Surf Movies, Magazines and Ocean Of Tomorrow


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Everything about this shot of Ryan Burch attests to the sheer amount of stoke scrawled across the page by his mate, Bryce Young in the story below. This is the shot that nailed the cover of Surfer. Rock solid asym line in the belly, this time at Cloudbreak.

By Bryce Young   POSTED: 2 years ago

Loose Limbs, Long Lines And Ryan Burch

Double takes on our fave asym cosmonaut!

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Nikki Van Dijk is the first Victorian surfer to win a CT since Tony Ray back in the 90s. She is also helping to spearhead a monumental population shift in global surfing, one that encourages girls and young women to get out there and rectify the gender inequality of the line-up. (Sloane)

By Surfing World   POSTED: 2 years ago

What To Expect From Women’s Surfing, Localism and Surfboards In 2018

More premonitions from oracle Doherty

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Mid-face aerated trim. If you pointed a speed camera at this baby you’d be clocking double demerits. (Todd Glaser)

By Vaughan Blakey   POSTED: 2 years ago

Ryan Burch In The Collision Of Worlds

Ask yourself, what surfer out there today is most likely to tip surfing on its head?

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