From SW412, 2020… Torren Martyn gets on the last plane out of Morocco.

SW: This has been an odd year for a lot of people, but it must be a very odd year for you, not being able to go anywhere.

TM: The last time I spoke to you we were in up in Scotland, at the start of a four-month trip from the north of Europe through Scotland and Ireland down to the Western Sahara and Senegal. We had this most incredible four months on the road and towards the tail end of it we started hearing whispers of everything that was going on with the virus. We kinda got mixed reports from family and friends and different media outlets when it was all sort of firing up. We didn’t know what to make of it but it escalated pretty quickly. They shut the ferries between Spain and Morocco so we had no chance of getting back. And that’s when it became a reality for us.

How did you get home?

Well, it was funny. It was just my girlfriend Aiyana and I so we left the van with a mate Morocco and ended up sort of doing the zigzag route home, cause we didn’t want to go through the thick of it in Europe. We ended up flying from Morocco to Turkey, to Dubai, to Singapore and then to Brisbane. Some sort of round the world trip. We touched down at 6am on March 16, and they’d just brought in quarantine six hours before. We quarantined from home and I’d been away for so long that getting home and just going absolutely nowhere with my family was great.