An island of firey romance will always leave scars. Mitch Coleborn makes sweet nookie with the Racetrack, a love affair that has endured. (Hammonds)

By Jamie Brisick   POSTED: 2 years ago

Uluwatu: Do You Remember Your First Time?

Explore the firey romance of SW: 397!

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Mikey Brennan at Shipstern’s jump rock. Photo by Andrew Chisholm.

By Jock Serong   POSTED: 2 years ago

The Short History Of Rock Offs

Nowhere else in surfing is the surfer’s personal cool so openly gambled.

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All photos by Duncan Macfarlane.

By Danny Johnson   POSTED: 2 years ago

A Guide To A Better Life

What one wet lettuce of a man learnt by adopting five pro surfers as his dads in a goal to become a better man

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You might think living on an island could get a little monotonous. Well tell that to a man who owns his very own rocket powered jet pack fool! (Joli)

By Surfing World   POSTED: 2 years ago

Scott O’Conner In Conversation

The Namotu Host, Windsurfer & Skulldragger holds court!

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Mediocrity does have its benefits... although we can't think of a specific example, so we're going to distract you with this picture of Gabby spraying champagne in Mick Fanning's face. At least we think it's Mick... but maybe not? We can't see his face, maybe that's you getting showered with victory bubbles? Maybe they spelt your name wrong on the cheque? Maybe you are a champion after all? (WSL)

By Nick Carroll   POSTED: 2 years ago

Surfing Illusions: “I Coulda Been A Contender”

Smoke And Mirrors Exposed!

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Illustration by Nanda Ormond

By Jock Serong   POSTED: 2 years ago

The Short History Of Legropes

In an absolute emergency, they’ll secure boards to your car roof or your dog to your wrist for walkies.

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